Our Structure 

​​TRUSTIt is essential in the interracion between the client and the law professional. This is the reason because our clients keep choosing and recommend us, we listen and understand his own needs.


EXPERIENCE:  This give it us the possibility to choose the better ways on the legal conflict resolution, using the best trustworthy strategy. This point was consolidated along the several years of professional labour.
CAPACITY:  It is the structure we have for search the better agreement, chord with your needs and in the minor time possible.

Criminal Law

We are ready to defend your rights in all the areas comprising the Criminal Law in the Republic Argentina. We are prepared to attend and give it to you immediately our support, counseling and legal sponsorship, as attorney, complainant, in accordance with the specification of each client, through the diferent stages of the legal process, in every forum existing in the Republic Argentina.


Our fee is according the complexity of each case, taking into account the criterion of reasonableness. The budgets are clear and we grant payment facilities in monthly fess.

What our clients say


This are just a few comments, opinions and feed backs that some of our clients have given us. We share it with you:


“I found in Ortiz Almonacid PH, a professional who can be human and an excelent professional. He is in constant tracing of the case, giving the customers the possible legal settings in a real way. Obtaining the best possible result. With out any doubt, i recommend him”. (Alfred, 50 years old, Pharmaceutical Company Manager)

“I never thought i recommend a lawyer, but it´s dificult not recommend to this lawyers” (George, 45 years old)


“Luciano was my lawyer in several cases and i recommend him very times. He is honest in every way and he has 100 percent of effectivity. He never take advantage of delicates situations and he is very accessible in economic terms. Now, my problems are in the past, he could fix it all, but i know he is a man honorable and professional and also, he accompanies the customer even in the emotional, something that he make because he is a great human being, also a great professional” (Abelardo, 55 years old, Textile Businessman)

As for the quality, attention and professional efficiency, we are so satisfied, and, to our knowledge, they are very recommendable”

“My house was usurped. The public prosecutor gave turn his back, giving the reason to the usurpers because they were homeless, but we have the title deed, they had nothing and it wasn´t fair. Now, we are waiting the court order to start the eviction, just like Ortiz Almonacid Ph. tell as. We are so grateful”

“Ortiz Almonacid is that kind of lawyer that, in addition to have a large experiencie and knowledge, he has a human side where he explain with patient and kindness. He is that type of lawyer that you can see, he choose his profession just for love. Is that kind of lawyer who make a call to the client and inform him about the news. Pragmatic, orderly, inteligent. As their customer, i feel really contained and my problem had a good solution and quickly. Thanks Ortiz Almonacid Ph. for your dedication (Eugenia, 40 years old, Interior Designer)


“Thank you very much for all. Really, your work is very trustworthy. Thanks” (Fernando, 28 years old)


“We manage the result we expected. I will recommend us. Thanks” (Marcelo, 30 years old)

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Ortiz Almonacid & Associated

provides integral advice, sponsorship like Penalist Attorney and penal defence, in agree with the requeriments of the customer, during the different procedural stages, in Federal Capital as in Buenos Aires, in ordinary, provincial or Federal Forums, in all the Republica Argentina terrotory, in every kind of crime:  (High Criminal Investigation - Oral Trial - Appeals and Special). Constitution complainant. Victim assistance. Criminal defense, filing application releases and habeas corpus. Probations

The Project

Ortiz Almonacid & Associated had created a integral proyect just for attend the several requeriments of the society. The lawyers in our house have the ability to provides advise in the follows subjects: Contracts Civil Law, Evictions, Damages, Traffic Accidents, Medical and Professional Mala Praxis, Foreclosure. Inheritance Law, Labor Law. Occupational accidents, Layoffs, Conventions, Mobbing, Conciliation Hearings. Commercial Law Contracts, Legal, Corporate, Bankruptcy. Collections Executions, Trials Executives, Checks, Promissory Notes, Bill Collection, Running Professional Fees. Environmental Damage, Injunctions, Damages Lawsuit, Environmental Expert. Indemnization Charges by the Insurance Contract.

Personal Freedom

Ortiz Almonacid & Associated can assist you in the procedural like penal attorney or incidents where it´s in game the liberty of the people. In this manner, our study can assist you in:

  • Releases

  • Exemptions

  • Preventive detention

  • Or Alternatives to custody when she was not dictated: Exemption from prison in cases that may be at risk of future arrest, Arrests Domiciliary, with job opportunities, Paroles, Temporary Releases, Assisted Freedoms in terms of Conditional, Freedoms for having overcome the reasonable period of preventive detention, and other.-

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  Legal Service

  • Complaints
  • Technical Assitance
  • Traffic accidents
  • Aggrieved Party
  • Criminal defense
  • Inquest Declaration
  • Disclaimers
  • Releases
  • Prison Eximicion
  • Appeals Chamber
  • Oral Trials
  • Probations
  • Federal justice
  • Economic Criminal Law
  • Criminal Foreign Exchange
  • Business Criminal Law
  • Misdemeanor law
  • Correctional and Criminal Justice.
  • Appeals
  • Cybercrime
  • Extraordinary resources
  • Background certificate
  • Nullity resources

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